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Moser Consulting – your best choice for every project

Each project has its own needs, its own obstacles.

Each project demands a different approach, rises to different challenges. Moser Consulting will give you the requisite expertise and the imperative flexibility. You can rely on us to open doors to long-lasting business relationships in Asia.

Best Practice

In the following business scenarios – and in many other fields – I can back you up in all ways, giving you the freedom to concentrate on your project.

Business Scenario 1: Development and Realization Your company has developed a product with special specifications. Moser Consulting stands at your side from the start: implementing your business concept through expert counsel at every step. I seek out the corresponding industrial partners in Asia to support and carry out your product plan. I accompany you on location, help to expand your budding business relationships. Moser Consulting organizes your business trips, prepares the necessary documents, completes administrative requirements. We support you in negotiations and agreements. We ease your way to a successful business closure by checking and navigating each step.
Business Scenario 2: Supplies and Acquisition Your company seeks alternative sources of supply in Asia for an existing product. I identify your potential suppliers. After having established the relevant contacts for you, I prepare the travel agenda for your management team to Asia. Moser Consulting organizes and accompanies your negotiations and agreements, supervises your contracts and makes sure they are adhered to. We open all the right doors for profitable business in Asia.
Robert Moser

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